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Yeastaway relieves the discomfort of minor vaginal itching and burning associated with yeast infections.*


As an over-the-counter homeopathic suppository, Yeastaway is a low-risk, comfortable, and practical treatment. These once-daily overnight suppositories conveniently maintain contact between the affected area and the healing agent — ideal for continued improvement throughout the night.


Benefits and Features:


Reduces thick vaginal discharge associated with candidiasis and helps heal irritations.

Practical and convenient bedtime application.

Pre-measured quantities of medicine.

Safe to use at the first sign of symptoms before discomfort becomes more disruptive.

Women should see a physician the first time they suspect they have a yeast infection to confirm the condition.

Won’t mask symptoms of a more serious condition.

Recommended for women ages 12 and up.

Includes an applicator for easy insertion and an educational leaflet.

Available over the counter in a box of 7 gelatin- and glycerin-based suppositories for a full week of treatment.


The Boiron women’s line includes Cyclease® Cramp and Cyclease PMS.


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