Pine Tar Soap

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4.5 oz bar

Pine tar soap has been used for generations because of its believed medicinal benefits in the treatment of skin conditions, from eczema to dandruff. It’s also said to be useful to help relieve the itch of other skin irritations such as poison oak, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

Our pine tar soap has a deep dark color and and even deeper smoky scent. We use extremely high quality pine tar, imported from Sweden. This closed-kiln, medicinal grade pine tar is one of the only pine tars readily available that is rated as skin safe for humans – this isn’t your feed store, horse grade, pine tar!

A great soap for anyone who loves the outdoors, hunting, camping or fishing. It is a full body bar that can be used on your hair and body. It is even safe to use on your dog.

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Ingredients: olive oil • distilled water • raw goat milk • coconut oil • castor oil • sodium hydroxide• medicinal grade closed kiln burned pine tar • sea salt


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