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For that time of month when menstrual pains and heavy bleeding make you want to cancel plans and stay in bed. Have no fear! Make this month’s visit easier, with Easy Visit!

We work with some of nature’s most powerful herbs that promote a healthy cycle, to lessen cramps and reduce heavy flow.

Dong Quai is traditionally used in Chinese medicine but has quickly become popular in our culture for women dealing with abnormal menstrual cycles. It acts as a muscle relaxer on the uterus and helps harmonize blood flow.

We also work with Cramp bark which has antispasmodic properties, easing menstrual cramps, and we add Raspberry Leaf to complement Cramp bark’s relaxing effect on the uterus.

Horsetail lends itself to hormones regulation as well as metabolism support.

For period support: Take two dropperfuls daily during the week prior to your cycle; while on your period, take two dropperfuls as needed, up to three times a day.

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