Covid-19 Protocol

Since early 2020, we’ve been answering questions and helping to guide our community through the global pandemic while offering resources and education on herbs and supplements that can help support you and your loved ones who may be sick with the virus.

In light of the recent new variant(s), we’ve decided to compile our most popular recommendations here in once place. We will discuss herbs and supplements, the role they play in the body, and how they can help during times of illness.

Please remember we are not doctorsWe are not medical professionals. Information contained in our literature is not to be construed as medical advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Please discuss all herbal regimens with your healthcare team.

Recommendations for products for support during active infection with Covid-19

Fire Cider
Between having a heat punch that will wake you right up in the morning and get your blood circulating, a sweet taste that will have you craving more right away, and a powerhouse of herbs and spices that stimulate your immune system, Fire Cider is undoubtedly our number-one seller of all of our tonics, teas, and extracts.

While it plays a large role in overall gut health and cholesterol management, the actions it takes on your immune system are unparalleled.

A major player in this tonic is Capsaicum, which is found in the jalapenos, cayenne, and habaneros. Capsaicum is rich in vitamin C and can strengthen your immune system by reducing oxidative stress, a major factor behind a weak immune system.

The circulation benefits contribute greatly as well to getting up and moving your body, which is imperative during active illness. We’ll touch more on that down below.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has long been used in natural medicine to flush the body of pathogens and assist in immune response. Over the last couple of years, multiple studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of intravenous Vitamin C alongside conventional treatment for Covid-19.

Results are abundant and clear that ascorbic acid (Vitamin C in raw form) affects development and maturation of t-lymphocytes, which are a critical part of our immune system and help protect the body from infection. Vitamin C also contributes to the inhibition of free radicals production, which further assisted in lower mortality rates in patients hospitalized with sepsis as a result of Covid-19.

While intravenous use of Vitamin C is not recommended at home, consuming ascorbic acid by mouth is an easy way to get it in your body. Each person’s right dose will be different, but in my home, we always follow the Vitamin C protocol by Suzanne Humphries, MD. While she originally developed this to treat Pertussis (Whooping Cough), we have had much success using it for all viruses that enter our home. There is a simple mathematical equation to use to determine your ideal dose.

Weight / 2.2 X 375 = mg daily

For a person who weighs 150 lbs, this would equate to 25,568 mg of Vitamin C daily. That is 25 grams, and it is to be taken in multiple small doses throughout the day.

ABĒCA Naturals carries Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid; they’re both effective, but Sodium Ascorbate has a milder taste while Ascorbic Acid is quite tart. Each dissolves easily in a drink of your choice.

Activated Quercetin

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid in capsule form that studies have shown to be effective in preventing excess inflammation in the lungs. And while it’s a hero in its own right, it actually pairs super well with Vitamin C.

As is the case with many types of stacked treatments, Vitamin C and Quercetin act synergistically to increase the individual efficacy of each supplement. The two have strong “overlapping antiviral properties,” and doctors who were in charge of this study actually propose this experimental multi-drug approach for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Together, Vitamin C and Quercetin provide a great preventative measure to protect and manage the lungs’ integrity during an active infection.


Last Summer, doctors here in Augusta began testing CBD (Canabidoil) as a treatment for ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), which is a common complication in Covid-19 patients who have excessive inflammation in the lungs. Researchers mimicked the affects of ARDS in mice, and used CBD to treat them – resulting in “very encouraging data” after the mice had increased oxygen flow.

Nearly a year later, the news is boasting even more studies and more promising results.

We have multiple small studies that have shown the same effects in human patients with ARDS. Data gathered so far shows that CBD improves lung structure and presents powerful anti-inflammatory effects through its assistance in regulating a peptide called Apelin. Doctors noted that patients sick with Covid-19 have low levels of the protective peptide, and CBD “quickly helps normalize those levels along with lung function.” (Source)

Bonus – CBD is often highly praised by consumers who report decreased anxiety and depression with regular use. Since a big part of being sick is the worry surrounding the outcome, CBD is a great two-for-one.

ABĒCA Naturals carries both CBD Isolate (containing no THC) and full-spectrum CBD. When using CBD for support during the virus, I suggest doubling the recommended dose.

Herbal Steams (Volatile Oils)

We all know the benefits of sitting in a hot steamy bathroom with the shower going; the steam helps break up mucus, loosen our airways and really gives us a chance at a deep breath with less congestion in the way!

I like to take the general practice one step further and use fresh Thyme in a boiling pot of water for a good herbal steam. This is effective especially early on when you believe you’ve been exposed to a virus, since the volatile oils from Thyme are anti-viral and if you catch those pathogens early enough as they infiltrate your mucous membranes, an herbal steam is quite efficient at helping to fight the virus early on!

Simply bring a sauce pan to a boil on the stove. Once it’s boiling, remove it from the heat and toss in about a cup or so of fresh Thyme. Immediately lean over the steaming pot and put a towel or blanket over your head. Be careful not to burn yourself, but breathe deeply and intentionally making sure to inhale deep into your lungs.

Wellness Formula
Source Naturals make this product that has been a staple in my home for the last ten years. This absolute rockstar blend of herbs, minerals, and vitamins has a solid dose of Zinc which is also indicated for Covid.
My favorite thing about these tablets is that they include adaptogenic herbs, so in addition to fighting the illness, they really help to calm the anxiety/stress caused by being sick as well.

Respiratory Support
This is a blend of Mullein and Marshmallow (with a small part of Caraway seeds for good measure). This blend is perfect for soothing the respiratory tract since Covid dries you out, and the Mullein really acts as a strengthening agent for your lungs. Protecting your lungs and entire respiratory system is critical during any type of respiratory illness. You can find Respiratory Support here.

Elderberry Syrup
Elder is one of the most tried, trusted, and true antiviral herbs known to man. Hippocrates referred to it as the ultimate medicine chest, due to its ability to fight infection, bring down fevers, reduce inflammation, and more.

Multiple studies show the effectiveness and safety of the Elder plant in preventing the introduction of the virus and stopping thereplication of viral proteins inside the body.

Elderberry is perfect for fighting the virus itself and stopping it from replicating so violently within your body. If someone is sick, has been sick, and is at the tail end however, Elderberry will be the least helpful of this list. Skip it if someone’s already in the thick of it, and prioritize the other recommendations above.

Our Elderberry Syrup is available here.

Extra tips

If at all possible, avoid fever reducers like Tylonel or Motrin. Unless someone is absolutely miserable with pain and discomfort, skip the pain relievers/fever reducers. They are not helping. They are inhibiting the body from doing its job to fight this virus. The fever is good, and helpful, and necessary.

Stay hydrated, even if it makes you feel worse. Aim to get down a half gallon of water each day. When we feel like garbage, we have no desire or motivation to do anything, but our bodies need water like the air we breathe. During sickness, more than ever, keep yourself hydrated.

Full-spectrum Sun is fundamental to good health and especially healing during times of sickness. Studies show that exposure to sunlight appears to activate T cells (critical white blood cells that play an important role in immune response) so that they move more rapidly throughout the body. Even if you feel like garbage, it behooves you to go feel like garbage outside for a while.

Move your body! We preach this a lot here at ABN! Remember that one of the jobs of our lymphatic system is to take out the trash – literally! As that fluid moves throughout our body, it takes metabolic waste and delivers it to the right organs to be filtered and passed out of our body. However, our lymph system has no involuntary pump action. We have to keep it moving! Every time we stretch, every time we jump, run, dance, or do jazz hands, we move that lymph a little bit more through our system and encourage it to do its job. So if you are able to at all during your illness, get up and dance! Even if just to one song a few times a day. Alternatively, just get up and walk. Any movement will be better than none.

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