Benefits of Respiratory Support

Respiratory Support is one of our best-selling signature products, originally formulated for a small child with bronchial asthma. At the time, I was still early in my clinical practice working with clients, so each and every opportunity was an exciting new adventure! This one was no different. By the time I finished formulating, I knew it was something special. Now, years later, Respiratory Support continues to be a staple in the cabinet for those who have COPD, longterm Covid, asthma, or even just an acute sporadic cough.

Here’s a rundown of each ingredient and how it plays a role in the blend.

Our main ingredient in this blend is Mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus). Mullein has long traditional use and it continues to be validated with increasing clinical western research. First, Mullein helps to break up phlegm deep down in the lungs, which makes those with weakness experience a much more productive cough. It also is shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria involved in respiratory infections, so it’s a great herbal ally to help prevent bacterial pneumonia. Mullein is enjoyed often in hot tea, but capsules and liquid extracts are also beneficial for a quick dose without much preparation.

Next, we work with Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalisto provide a soothing and moistening component. Studies show Marshmallow is effective by itself in treating dry coughs, but works well with other herbs to “improve all kinds of coughs,” which is reassuring on more than one account! First, it shows how versatile herbs can be, and it also reiterates what herbalists like to talk about while formulating: herbs work better together! Synergy is the term we use to describe forces that when combined, are more effective than the sum of their individual parts. And together, Mullein and Marshmallow really make a difference!

The last two herbs we work with – in small parts – in this blend are Caraway seeds (Carum caru) and Lungwort leaf (Pulmonaria officinalis). Each acts as a secondary/supporting herb to Marshmallow and Mullein, respectively. Caraway seeds are shown to increase airflow to the lungs, and one study even showed it helped treat coughs better than codeine! Lungwort contains antioxidants which are great for many reasons, but it’s believed that its antioxidant content is what gives it its greatest effect on the lungs. Studies are few and far between on Lungwort, so we work with it sparingly – certainly not at the expense of fantastic results.

Together, these four herbs make up our Respiratory Support. We sell this only as a glycerite, which means it’s alcohol-free and safe for the whole family! This is a great product to keep on hand for any respiratory illness that comes up. Please see labeling for dosing instructions, or speak to an herbalist for best practice.

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