Ashley Murphy, Herbalist

Owner/Operator, ABĒCA Naturals

Associate Member, American Herbalists Guild

Member, Christian Herbalists Guild

I created ABĒCA Naturals in 2019, shortly after moving to the CSRA from Savannah, GA. I had been introduced to plant medicine during my time in Savannah and it changed my life and the overall health of my entire family!

When I moved to the CSRA, I was disappointed I could not find a reliable source for Elderberry Syrup or other herbal products. So I got busy in the kitchen! I bought a bunch of books and I perfected recipes for syrups, salves, and more.

In January of 2021, I opened my retail store to the public. I was open seven days a week and had one employee. Some weeks, we would go days without seeing one single customer! But we kept on serving North Augusta and slowly but surely, ABĒCA Naturals grew.

Over the last three years, ABĒCA Naturals has made a name for itself across the CSRA for its stellar customer service and top-quality herbal medicine products.

Since 2021, we have grown to a six-employee operation and we have joyfully served over 3,000 happy customers. As a clinical herbalist, I have helped hundreds of clients along their personal holistic health journeys. I have also enjoyed being an educator who teaches at local schools, private classes, and regional conferences.

As an herbalist, my approach to wellness is simple: our lifestyle determines our well-being, and change can only come from a renewing of the mind. Herbal medicine simply complements it all. In my practice, I help nourish (or facilitate) a relationship with God as my clients lean on Him for ultimate healing. I believe in the power of prayer alongside the power of plant medicine. My work with plants is completely science-based: phytochemistry is my guide to making medicine. I have over 800 hours of professional instruction and five years of experience, but my best work stems from the wisdom and guidance of Christ Jesus.

I am a Christian whose worldview greatly shapes my herbalism practice. I see clients of all religions and backgrounds, and my clients’ personal beliefs do not affect the caring and confidential relationship I build and value with them. All are welcome at ABĒCA Naturals. We are here to see you WELL!

I am currently offering free 15 minute consultations. To be scheduled, please email me directly ( or call our shop at (803) 335-2629.

Please click here for more information on consultations.

When I am not at the shop a few days a week, I spend my time at home with my family. I am a homeschooling mom to two elementary aged wild and free children, and a proud football mom to a middle schooler! God has certainly blessed my life. I am married to a local tradesman, and together we own and operate ABĒCA Naturals and Living Stone Renovations. We are members of First Baptist Church of North Augusta.

Have questions for me or just want to learn more? Maybe you would like me to pray for you? My inbox is always open and I am here to help – email me anytime at