Ashley Murphy

Associate Member, American Herbalists Guild

I am excited to educate, empower and encourage you on your holistic wellness journey!

Booking a consultation with an herbalist at ABĒCA Naturals includes an initial focused discussion about your lifestyle, circumstances, and health goals. Your health includes physical wellness, mental wellness, spirituality, and emotional maturity. Together, we will learn more about you and what brought you here, and come up with a plan of action to help support your mind and body during this journey!

From liver protecting properties of Dandelion root to the stress management support of Tulsi leaves: whatever your situation, there is an herbal ally to support you right now.

Developing a relationship with herbs and employing them in your wellness routine requires an investment of time and consistency, and the team at ABĒCA Naturals is here to cheer you on! We take an interest in your health and wellbeing, and we love building lasting relationships with our visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Consultations are $75 and fully confidential. They include a detailed plan of action, a starter supply of your custom blend, and a 30 minute follow up.

Call anytime to schedule your consultation: (803) 335-2629 or email