A Culture Reborn

We are announcing a rebrand and culture change here at ABĒCA Naturals, operating moving forward as a Christian-based herbal medicine business.

Beginning July 1, 2022 the following will be made effective:

  1. We will be closed on Sundays
  2. Certain products will be discontinued
  3. We will no longer hold yoga or meditation classes
  4. All life coaching will be Christian-based
  5. All custom blends will begin with prayer, as God is the ultimate healer

On June 5, 2022, I found Jesus Christ. I have never felt more alive, I have never felt a love so deep, and I am certain my life’s purpose is to glorify His name in all that I do. You have trusted us with the health and wellness of your families for three years now, and we as a team are more equipped than ever to work with you all as we look to the ultimate healer for guidance. God is so good!

Many of you know I have practiced new age spirituality for many years, often speaking publicly about my pantheistic views and love vs. ego, self-actualization, and enlightenment.

II have been on a constant journey in this life to find the truth and seek enlightenment; I found enlightenment in the Word of God and have received Jesus Christ as my savior.

Please know that no one is unwelcome at ABĒCA Naturals. While we are changing certain structures and how we approach herbal medicine, please know you are welcome here. Wherever your journey stands in seeking the truth, we love you, and we are praying for you, and we are always here to help.

We appreciate your continued support of our small business. I pray all of you have found the love that I have found in Jesus, and if you haven’t, please know He is just one cry away from filling your soul with joy.

God bless you all, and God keep you.

Ashley Murphy
ABĒCA Naturals

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