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This blend was created specifically for those who are on their journey to stop smoking cigarettes! There is no nicotine in this tincture, but it is chock full of herbs that support mind and body while working to break habits and to curb cravings.*

Suggested Use: Shake well. Take one dropperful as needed up to five times a day.

Ingredients: Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata), Damiana (Turnera diffusa), Lobelia (Lobelia inflata), Hyssop (Hyssopus), Oat Straw (Avena sativa), Peppermint (Mentha peperita), Rosemary (Rosmarinus), Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Alcohol, and Distilled Water.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.

Recommended supplemental products include Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), an adaptogen shown to reduce cravings, and Valerian (Valeriana) which will help fight insomnia.

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