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  • MULTI ZERO MULTIVITAMIN Daily dietary supplement for children. YumVs fruit-flavor pectin gummies contain Vitamins C, A, D3, E, B6, Biotin, and Folate, plus Fiber, Lutein and Zinc and none of the bad stuff! 0 sugars or sugar alcohols, 0 artificial flavors, 0 gluten, 0 GMOs!
  • KIDS’ VITAMINS Multi ZERO gummies are specially formulated with 15 essential vitamins and minerals that can help children grow up healthy and strong. With just two gummies a day, children receive the vitamins they need to support healthy eyes, strong bones, and an active immune system.
  • SUGAR FREE Other sugar free gummies rely on sugar alcohols, such as isomalt, combined with artificial sweeteners to produce a sweet gummy. YumVs sugar free gummies use only chicory root extract, a naturally sweet fiber, to achieve a delicious gummy.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS We believe in using high-quality, natural ingredients and maintain a peanut and tree nut-free production facility. Formula is sugar free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains only naturally sourced flavors and colors. Certified Kosher/Halal and vegetarian.
  • RECOMMENDED USE YumVs children’s vitamins are specially formulated to make a big difference in your little one’s health. Multi ZERO gummy vitamins are an easy and fun way for kids to incorporate essential vitamins into their daily routine! Serving size: 2 Gummies. 60 count per bottle.


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